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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CWU Dining Hall Nutritional Information: El Gato

Nutritional Information El Gato

Nutritional information is for 1 scoop of ingredient, or amount stated. To calculate the total Calories of your meal, add the Calories of the individual components. Information for sauces (Baja, Salsas, Guacamole, Sour Cream) are per 1 “side” container.

Baja Sauce 224 Calories
Green Salsa 15 Calories
Guacamole 120 Calories
Red Salsa 15 Calories
Sour Cream 120 Calories

Cilantro 0 Calories
Jalapenos 3 Calories
Lettuce 2 Calories
Onion 7 Calories
Tomatoes 10 Calories

Nacho Cheese 104 Calories
Shredded Cheese 90 Calories

Chicken 190 Calories
Ground Beef 200 Calories
Pork 270 Calories
Shredded Beef 200 Calories
Vegetarian (Tofu) 120 Calories

Black Beans 120 Calories
Pinto Beans 120 Calories
Refried Beans 105 Calories

1 Soft Flour Tortilla 140 Calories
3 Hard Corn Tortillas 100 Calories
3 Soft Corn Tortillas 150 Calories
1 Taco Salad Shell 400 Calories
1 Boat Chips for Nachos (No cheese or toppings) 560 Calories
Burrito Sized Tortilla (Any Flavor) 290 Calories
1 Scoop Rice 140 Calories

Butter Used in Cooking all Quesadillas 240 Calories

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